I love cannabis edibles

Current New York state laws to not allow reciprocity between other state’s medical cannabis programs, and when I first relocated to New York, our MMJ card was worthless. I was unable to shop for medicine until I made an appointment with a state-registered nurse & completed all of the necessary paperwork. I qualified for a New York medical marijuana card right around the same time legislation legalized recreational weed. I wasn’t overly frustrated because I knew it would take a long time for the recreational program to be put in effect… There are all sorts of compliances & requirements necessary for dispensaries to become qualified & open for business. I am hoping that I will only be forced to pay for a New York State MMJ card for 1 year. By next year, I should only need to show a government-approved & valid identification proving I am over twenty-one years outdated in order to shop at a dispensary. I do appreciate that having the MMJ card eliminates tax on cannabis purchases. I can also buy a greater potency & quantity of weed. I officially stick with cannabis-infused edibles. I appreciate that there is no smoke, ash or smells. I can consume an edible separate from any special skills or the help of extra gear. They are lovelyly discreet & precise dosing is actually easy. I sometimes chop a gummy in half for a low dose. The assortment of edibles available is easily incredible. I’m situated in upstate New York, & our nearby dispensary carries all flavors of gummies, suckers, cookies, brownies & chocolates. They have partnered with a local honey producer to offer cannabis-infused honey.

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