My friend moved to Phoenix to work for a commercial HVAC business

Jack is easily one of my very best friends.

The guy is trustworthy, smart, handy, and friendly.

He has a super great personality. The guy is funnier than anyone else I know. I have known Jack since we were in high school. He helped me pick out the tux for my wedding and he was an usher and a groomsman. When Jack told me that he was thinking about moving, I thought he meant somewhere close. I thought he meant a new apartment or a house. Jack actually meant that he was moving to Arizona to work for a phoenix commercial HVAC service provider. I knew that Jack was trying to move up in the business. The guy worked for the same HVAC service provider for 6 years and he wasn’t going anywhere. I knew that he was looking for a better job, but I didn’t know that he was applying for jobs in other states and cities. I was happy for my friend that he got a job that made him feel very excited, but I was sad to see my friend pack up and move to phoenix. I have missed the guy a lot since he left. We talk on the phone and on Facebook frequently. Next month I am going to fly into Phoenix and spend 4 days hanging out with jack. He is going to show me all around Phoenix, Arizona. Were even going to catch a game at the stadium. The Cardinals aren’t my favorite team, but I won’t give up an opportunity to see a professional football team play in their home stadium.

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