Renting a cheap apartment with outdated air conditioner

I moved to St.

  • Petersburg a little over five years ago.

I accepted a job offer in the area because of the incredible weather, beautiful beaches and affordable living. Fresh out of college, I was struggling to pay off student loans. Between my car payment, car insurance and health insurance, my budget was extremely tight. I found an apartment with very low rent and fairly close proximity to the water. I was willing to sacrifice amenities for the sake of location. My apartment was extremely small and all of the appliances were outdated. My toilet ran constantly, the kitchen faucet leaked and there was only enough hot water for an eleven minute shower. Very few of the windows opened and there were constant issues with mold growth. One of my biggest complaints was the air conditioner. The heat and humidity in St. Petersburg makes air conditioning especially important. The cooling system in that apartment was old, noisy and created a musty smell that gave me a headache. Whenever it started up, I’d start sneezing. Despite running non stop, the air conditioner couldn’t keep up with outdoor temperatures in the nineties. The living space always felt overheated and sticky. Plus, the unit wasn’t energy efficient. In an effort to reduce the cost of my electric bills, I kept raising the thermostat setting. I tried running box fans to help out but kept tripping the breakers. It was a relief when I finally got a raise and was able to move into a nicer apartment. I made sure to find accommodations with an effective and efficient cooling system.

ductless ac St Petersburg Florida