Seattle is an innovator in the cannabis industry

I like to travel the country, and the world.

I also like to smoke weed.

I have managed to combine my two great passions into an exciting career path. I don’t know if I will ever make any money, but I know for sure I will have a great time while I do it! Currently I have both a blog and a video channel on Youtube, but my goal is to get a cable TV show. Perhaps on Vice Channel, or even Travel Channel, if they ever relax their conservative views about cannabis use. I literally can’t do my travel show without cannabis, it is my gimmick, and the whole point of the show! Recently I took my program to the great city of Seattle, Washington, to see what they had to offer in terms of culture, sightseeing, and marijuana. Everyone knows that Seattle is one of the great American cities when it comes to the cultivation and advancement of cannabis. Seattle isn’t just a place that sells a lot of cannabis, it’s a hub of the industry in terms of creating exciting new strains and hybrids. Some of the finest cannabis scientists and botanists in the world live in Seattle, and serve as the backbone of innovation. Almost every self-respecting cannabis dispensary in Seattle has some kind of exclusive homegrown strain. I may have to settle down in Seattle so I can base my entire series around this amazing place. Seattle has a lot more it can teach me about cannabis, and I am here to learn everything I can.


Weed Dispensary Seattle WA