The benefits of bath bombs

Living in Thousand Oaks, California, provides access to some gorgeous scenery, beautiful weather and awesome hiking trails.

Some of my favorites are Paradise Falls, Wildwood Regional Park and Oakbrook Vista Trailhead.

I spend every free minute outdoors. I love to hike, cycle, run, kayak and paddleboard. My active lifestyle keeps me fit, strong and happy. However, I also deal with a lot of bruises, scrapes, aches and pains. I’ve found that the best way to deal with them and rejuvenate is cannabis. I am only willing to use natural medicines that cause no adverse side-effects. Fortunately, recreational cannabis is legal and readily available in California. I have access to several dispensaries near my home in Thousand Oaks. I’ve tried smoking joints, vaping, dabbing and tinctures and gotten quick relief. The effects set in within minutes. I like to consume edibles before bed because of the delayed and more intensive effects. My favorite method is topicals. I like that cannabis-infused ointments, blams, lotions and roll-ons can be applied directly to the injury. The cannabinoids interact with receptors in the skin but don’t cause psychoactive effects. I especially enjoy CBD bath bombs. Soaking in hot water opens up the pores to allow the cannabinoids to more quickly and effectively penetrate. Plus, these bath bombs are made from Epsom salts, baking soda and essential oils that increase the pain-relieving properties. They also smell wonderful and help me to relax. I try to make time to soak in the tub with a cannabis bath bomb every weekend. I always sleep better that night and wake up feeling energized.

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