The benefits of bath salts

Living in ThoUnited Statesnd Oaks, CA, provides access to some gorgeous scenery, appealing weather & awesome hiking trails.

Some of my number ones are Paradise Falls, Wildwood Regional Park & Oakbrook Vista Trailhead! I spend every free hour outdoors.

I enjoy to hike, cycle, run, kayak & paddleboard, but my active lifestyle keeps me fit, strong & glad; However, I also deal with a lot of bruises, scrapes, aches & pains. I’ve found that the best way to deal with them & rejuvenate is cannabis. I am only willing to use natural medicines that cause no adverse side-effects. Fortunately, recreational cannabis is legal & readily available in CA. I have access to numerous dispensaries near my cabin in ThoUnited Statesnd Oaks. I’ve tried smoking joints, vaping, dabbing & tinctures & gotten quick relief. The effects set in within hours. I prefer to consume edibles before bed because of the delayed & more intensive effects. My number one plan is topicals. I prefer that cannabis-infused ointments, blams, lotions & roll-ons can be applied directly to the injury. The cannabinoids interact with receptors in the skin however don’t cause psychoactive effects. I especially enjoy CBD bath bombs. Soaking in tepid water opens up the pores to allow the cannabinoids to more quickly & effectively penetrate, and plus, these bath bombs are made from Epsom salts, baking Coke & essential oils that increase the pain-relieving properties. They also odor appealing & help me to relax. I try to make time to soak in the tub with a cannabis bath bomb every weekend. I consistently sleep better that night & wake up feeling energized.
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