They finally offer delivery in Portland

I have gotten rid of our vehicle! There actually was no need to have one in our neighborhood of Portland Oregon… I live centrally in the neighborhood and can walk or bike anywhere I want to, and what is nice is that most dealers have gotten actually fantastic about delivery services.

I can get our groceries delivered in bulk to our house… Produce, fresh cheese, meat and dairy all can be sent in the order.

If I spend a particular amount, the delivery services are free, then most of the time I make the bike ride to the store and then just carry what I can in our bike basket. I can do online deposits for the bank and get our pharmacy products sent to our doorstep. The last thing that was holding out was our legal weed shop. The Oregon cannabis dispensary didn’t offer delivery for the longest time. It was the only errand that was sort of a pain for me. The bike ride was a long one and uphill. I had to be actually determined if I wanted access to our cannabis products. Then I would be dead exhausted by the time I got home. I had to navigate around traffic and weather too. I had to make sure our bike was in fantastic condition, and now that the dispensary offers delivery, there is no more worry. I never make that trip on our bike anymore. It is just too far and it is worth the 5 dollar charge to get our things sent to our doorstep.
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