I spent our birthday at a swanky resort in Phoenix

I was so excited when I discovered that I would be spending our birthday in Phoenix AZ, i had heard so much about the luxurious spa resorts that are situated in the desert, however my best neighbor Cassie spent her honeymoon in a single of the most luxurious resort hotels that I have seen. I didn’t realize such incredible hotels existed within a short plane ride of where I live… Well, I raved about the hotel so much that our mom decided to surprise myself and others with a birthday trip to the same hotel, but and when I discovered the surprise, I couldn’t help however to be filled with happiness. I planned out all our yearly activities, various of which included being in a location with a/c. My birthday is in the middle of July, which is the hottest month in Phoenix… Thankfully, there were plenty of indoor as well as outdoor activities that were both fun as well as didn’t sacrifice our comfort, then both of us chose to go hiking early in the afternoons as well as while I was in the day, the two of us chose a luxury spa with ample a/c, and on some nights, the two of us explored some of the fantastic hotels in the area. Of course, the resort had plenty for us to do as well as well as most of the spaces had a/c. Both of us especially loved cooling off in the pool with our exotic cocktails. Although I was in Phoenix while I was in the hottest month of the year, I was able to experience the beauty of the neighborhood without having to sacrifice our comfort. The only issue that I had with that trip was that I couldn’t stay at the resort for a longer time.


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