I use our cooling system during the milder Winter seasons

I am originally from the northern section of the country, so I was used to the different weather patterns, but about 20 years ago, I decided to transfer to Cocoa FL, however this was after a major snowstorm where the city that I lived in was locked down for an entire week, but after that Winter I was so aggravated with the snow! In addition to the snow, the severely frigid weather itself became such a hassle… Every day, I had to scrape ice off our car, and it was painful standing in a chilly automobile waiting for it to moderate up, then plus, law enforcement was fining residents who left their cars unattended, and they got stolen, so I had to rest in our automobile until it warmed up, but needless to say, after that Winter, I threw away our ice scraper, packed our belongings and moved to 1 of the warmest states in the country. And since that point, I have vowed never to use an ice scraper ever again. I moved to Cocoa FL the next year and the weather was pleasant. My first Winter that I spent in Cocoa was pure bliss. There was no snow, no brutally frigid weather, and no frost on our car. In fact, the Winter was so mild that it felt more care about late Spring. This means I was using our central a/c in the middle of the Winter months. I must admit that at first, it was a bit bizarre using a/c during that time of year, but over time, I got used to it, using a/c during the Winter months is section of life here in Cocoa and I have fully adapted to it.

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