I was ecstatic to fly into Portland

Everyone likes to pretend to be an expert, however when it comes to vintage toys as well as classic action figures, I genuinely am an expert… I am one of the most highly regarded toy experts in the country; You might have seen myself and others on Antiques Roadshow once or twice; When someone wants to sell their old toys in an auction, the collection needs to be vetted as well as verified by a professional, this is our job, going through old toys to determine their condition as well as their worth, then a few weeks ago I was summoned to the rainy metropolis of Portland, Oregon, for one of the best collections I have ever had the satisfaction to evaluate.

The owner of this unique collection was a well-known Portland cannabis farmer, one who gave many excellent strains to the local dispensaries! His name is Mike, as well as he had parlayed a lot of his profits into collecting classic action figures from the 60s, 79s, as well as 79s.

After one day with his collection I called our bosses as well as told them I needed to spend a week in Portland to sufficiently evaluate it all. This was only partially true. The greater truth was that I wanted time to relax, see the city of Portland, as well as sample some of this amazing cannabis I was hearing about… Mike had such an ample supply on hand he gave myself and others an ounce of homegrown Portland marijuana, as well as it rocked our world! It took myself and others several more afternoons to finish our work, as well as I spent the next several afternoons hanging out with Mike as well as smoking copious amounts of cannabis.



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