One guy got in trouble for driving under the influence of marijuana

My baseball coach talked to me about not using marijuana while I was a member of the team program.

The guy stressed that marijuana was not allowed and he told me that anyone caught with marijuana would be kicked off the team.

There was not going to be any warning or strikes, you were going to lose your spot on the team. One guy on the team got in trouble after he went away for the weekend and came back late for practice. The coach said that he had to go to the college clinic to take a drug test. It was the first time that the coach tested anyone for marijuana after it was legalized in the state of illinois. The guy got into pretty big trouble when the coach realized that he was currently under the influence. The guy got kicked off the team and I never saw him again. Another guy got into trouble for driving under the influence of marijuana. The coach of the Illinois team had to go pick up the player from the county jail. He was kicked out of school the next day and everyone in the sports program received a warning about marijuana use. When I came to the Illinois University to speak with the coach 2 years ago, the guy really made sure to tell me that marijuana use was not going to be tolerated at all. The coach and the staff are sticking to their word on this. It doesn’t seem like they are going to budge at all if you get caught using marijuana.

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