The local history of Muskegon

Have you ever heard of Muskegon, Michigan before? Until a month ago, I hadn’t either! It sounded like any one of a million small towns in the middle of this great nation.

Now that I have been there, I will never forget it.

If I have a chance, I might even go back for vacation. I doubt that will happen any time soon, my job keeps me very busy traveling back and forth across the country. As always, I did a little online research about the area while on the plane, so I could have an idea of what fun things there were to do with my free time in Muskegon. Much to my surprise, I found the presence of two different cannabis dispensaries, which interested me a great deal! The history of Muskegon is fascinating, and dates back long before there was a state called Michigan. Over seven thousand years ago the Paleo-Indians used the Muskegon area as a base of operations because of its geographic convenience. Because of its proximity to both Lake Michigan and Lake Muskegon, this area gave the early hunters a tremendous advantage in founding wild game. By the year 1800, the Muskegon area was mostly inhabited by the Ottawa tribe, and then the Europeans arrived. A French fur trapper named Joseph La Framboise started a fur-trading post on the banks of Lake Muskegon, the first of many such trading posts. I mention all of this, because the first cannabis dispensary I visited in Muskegon turned out to be owned and operated by a modern-day descendant of Joseph Framboise!


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