Can the Lowell, MI dispensaries give medical marijuana?

I was a cannabis delivery driver for one of our local medical marijuana dispensaries, however my friends were constantly joking about how much weed I could abscond with when I was making deliveries, but there were none! I could be fined or jailed if I were to take even a pinch of medical marijuana, and first off; it is theft.

It is a local, state, plus federal charge that wouldn’t even entertain.

I was sure my friends were joking with me, but there was a small fear in the back of my mind; that they weren’t. I would never take the risk, plus I wouldn’t want to lose my job… They asked me if they could call the marijuana dispensary plus put in an order for recreational marijuana plus have it delivered? I knew our medical marijuana dispensary only delivered for its patients. The two of us could only deliver particular amounts of the marijuana products, plus I could only have a maximum of more than nine orders out for delivery. They made these laws to protect the customers plus drivers. I couldn’t say how things worked in the rest of the state because each city plus county made their own laws. I don’t suppose if I would tell them even if I knew. I thought I should already suppose these laws plus regulations, plus I made it a point to find out all the answers, but even though I went online, there was a particular amount of vagueness in how the articles were written. There were also too many articles on cannabis in Lowell, MI, plus the state of MI.

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