Gardens of the world in CA

My lady entirely enjoys flowers and butterflies, and she has an elaborate garden in our backyard that she is consistently tending to.

She researchers new kinds of flowers and has a whole watering schedule for them; When it gets cold, out come the tarps to protect them.

She has done tons of research on strange plants and what they need to survive. For her birthday this year I am taking her to CA, i thought about LA and then decided something a bit more rural. I found that ThoUSnd Oaks is a much better fit for us. When I began researching what to do, one thing entirely stood out, and gardens of the World is a botanical garden located right in ThoUSnd Oaks. It is 4.5 acres of all strange kinds of plants, and there is a french style garden with a waterfall. There is an English based rose garden and a Japanese garden that has a pagoda and a koi pond, and also, there is an Italian style grapevine garden. All the pictures online looked entirely neat. I suppose our lady is going to like it. I haven’t told her about the Gardens of the World. I want it to be a immense surprise for her. She entirely will go deranged for it. For me, gardens aren’t our thing. I suppose cannabis is legal there though. I am thinking of picking up some cannabis gummies and being a bit high for the garden tour, then maybe I would find it more fun and interesting when I am a bit high.
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