I drive all day, but I don't mind at all

The job sounded perfect for me.

I was working full-time in a pizza shop and I was enjoying my job. During the day I was working inside of the shop making pizzas and I was working a couple of hours at night as a delivery person. I was able to make a pretty good amount of money with some full-time hours during the day and deliveries at night. When the new boss took over, he changed the rules and each one of the employees had to choose whether they wanted to be a delivery driver or work inside of the shop as a pizza maker. I wasn’t happy with the new boss, so I decided to quit. I had to find a new job very quickly, because the rent for my apartment in Orland Park Illinois is $1,350 every month. I started looking at all of the job ads in Orland Park and I found an advertisement for a delivery driver. The HVAC service company in Orland Park wanted someone to deliver parts all over the city and surrounding areas. The job sounded perfect for me. I applied to the HVAC service company in Orland Park and got an interview a few days later. I earn a good wage and get full-time hours and every once in a while I will get a tip from one of the HVAC technicians that are waiting on a part. I drive all day, but I don’t mind at all. I have a company vehicle and a company credit card that pays for all of the gas and service fees.

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