I missed the snow for Christmas, but I needed a furnace.

Since Evansville, IL only has about fifty days when there is inclement weather, I knew that moving there could mean I would not have snow for Christmas.

December’s average daily high was only 48 degrees, but that was why I moved to IL.

I was tired of the northern cold and dampness. There was traditional HVAC in my home, because that forty eight degrees was cold. It was surprising how quickly I got used to the lack of humidity and extremely cold air. I liked being able to go out on a brisk day, and take a walk without freezing to death from the cold damp air. I came home to feel the heat of my furnace, and I was happy. I could feel the sunshine on my face nearly every day of the year. I had to admit that I missed the snow for Christmas, but I still needed my furnace. Last year, my husband had a special Christmas present for me. We had lived in Illinois for almost ten years when I told him how much I really missed snow. I even hinted at going back up north so we could maybe have an old-fashioned Christmas, but we never made it. I woke up to see snowflakes outside my window. My husband had hired someone with a snow maker to come to our house and make snow on our front lawn. He opened the curtains and said Merry Christmas. It was the best Christmas present I ever had, and our neighbor’s children were on our lawn trying to build a snowman.

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