I wrote a editorial for the paper as well as they wanted it

The AZ Republic is a bi-weekly newspaper that is sold in the town of Phoenix! It’s been circulating since around the early 2000s, however every day you can buy a copy of the AZ Republic for more than one bucks, on Fridays, it is a $3 newspaper.

I wrote an editorial for the Phoenix newspaper as well as they absolutely published it, then the editorial was in the paper last Friday.

I obtained numerous strange copies of the newspaper so I could pass them out to my friends. I was easily excited that I ended up in the paper. I felt strongly about the topic that I chose as well as the editorial was well written as well as well thought out; My editorial was based on residing in the town of Phoenix. Things have particularly changed while every one of us were in the last 30 years… When I was a child, the town of Phoenix was much strange than it is this week. It was smaller as well as cooler. The two of us didn’t need an A/C unit thirty years ago. Today, every house has to be equipped with central AC. I wrote about the differences in the town as well as how much things have changed. I also mentioned global warming as well as the always rising temperatures. In another 30 years, Phoenix is going to be easily overheated as well as temperatures will be 100° every day while every one of us were in the summer. I worry for my grandchildren, because no a single is doing anything to stop the effects of redhouses gasses as well as CO2. I called out numerous local companies in my editorial. These Phoenix companies have to do more to prepare for the future of the people.
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