It was cold and miserable, but we stayed warm at Trapped KC.

My sister and I had this thing for escape rooms. We were looking online to see if we could find someplace where we could spend a cold day and find some escape rooms. The nearest to where we lived was Lee’s Summit, MO, which was less than an hour from home. Trapped KC was several different escape rooms in one business. They featured Rock Creek Mercantile where you are investigating the disappearance of two area locals. Another is the Secret of the Library. Booker McNeal Sr., has disappeared while doing research in Jerusalem. Booker Jr., is searching for team of intellectuals to enter his father’s library and retrieve an Artifact before others can get their hands on it. Both are a lot of fun, and it kept us indoors for almost two hours. We laughed until we cried, and had a few jittery nerve moments, but it was worth the time and money. Most of all, we were inside and not outside in the cold weather. When we got home, we were still laughing and talking about the escape rooms. We told mom that next time we went to Lee’s summit, we were taking her with us. She would love the Trapped KC escape rooms, and the HVAC inside, was even better than we had at home. She raised her eyebrow when we said this, since dad was an HVAC technician, thinking we were dissing dad’s ability to keep the house well heated and cooled. We were serious however, when we said we really thought she would love the escape room experience as much as we did.

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