Like the surf stores

My neighbor Lyle lives down in Cocoa FL… Once a year I make it a point to visit him, however typically every one of us spend all our time at the beach.

This year my neighbor wanted to experience all the other things Cocoa FL has to offer.

There is Lori Wilson Park, Liberty Bell Museum and Manatee sanctuary park; All of those things were fun, but I absolutely just enjoyed the beacha nd shopping, and yes, all the shopping is catered towards tourists, then if you want a surfboard, paddleboard, sunblock or towel, it is self-explanatory to find 1. I love it since I live near the water too. I officially choice up something major that I need. I bought a special surfer sunblock that helps myself and others on the water. I also splurge to get chapstick that can handle the sunlight and salt. Occasionally I will splurge on a giant item love a kayak or canoe. This year I was absolutely in the market for a paddleboard. I wanted to start doing that for a workout; Since I live in FL, the weather is basically superb year round. There are a few weeks of cold, but then it perks up and heats again; Doing a water based workout most of the year is quite feasible. The water never freezes either. I figure I can kayak in the colder weeks and paddleboard when it is hot. I then can love a nice cold shower and quality A/C in my home once I am finished. I am lucky I have a neighbor that lives near all of those speciality surf shops so I can get the stuff I need.


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