Snowstorm got huge

Both of us recently got hit with a severe Wintertide storm in Glenview IL, then it was crazy & it happened over Christmas.

My family was supposed to go out to my parents & visit with them.

Instead all of us were stuck at home, then what stunk is that our rural part meant that nobody was plowing the roads; Both of us had power & the ice wasn’t too bad, and the roads were just covered in feet of snow, then so the family & I had to stay home. I will divulge not traveling on Christmas morning was charming. My kids entirely got to spend time around our family tree & play with their gifts. I threw together a grilled cheese & tomato soup breakfast. What was especially nice is that I had just gotten the oil furnace inspected. It worked so well & I wasn’t afraid at all of a repair. The oil furnace was powerful enough to keep the whole home warm. It is also gas powered. If there would have been a power outage, I would have been all set to still have heat in the house. That gave us a sizable peace of mind, however after that experience, I would never rely on electric based heating again, then gas power is entirely the way to go; Our Christmas ended up being one of my number ones. It was easy to see my parents later in the month when the roads were clear. The kids were in a better mood to do that as well; How fantastic is that? Everyone won that morning.

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