The heating system will not run on propane alone

My family and I have a small property outside of Sacramento in the little town of Rocklin, and rocklin, CA is about 20 miles away from Sacramento.

  • Rocklin is a nice locale to live.

Rocklin is smaller than Sacramento and it is a really short drive to work in Sacramento and live in Rocklin; Every day I drive from Rocklin to Sacramento to work; I work for a commercial and residential heating system repair and replacement business. Every one of us maintenance all of the areas surrounding the city including the locale where I live; This month I had to return to Rocklin as soon as I got to work, but my first task that day was a heating system repair. I drove all the way back to Rocklin to find the address. The address was a couple of miles away from my own home. The owner of the house called because the heating system was not running. There was plenty of propane to run the heating system, but there was no spark at all. I thought the concern was likely going to be the ignition switch or the flame sensor. I spent about 15 minutes troubleshooting the concern before I pinpointed the issue. It was in fact the ignition switch. I got a new a single out of the truck and swapped it out. I flipped on the heating system and the device started running. I told the homeowner that the heating system will not run with propane alone. There are a couple of other parts to the heating system that need to be in wonderful shape for the whole device to work.

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