The weed in Denver is even better than the skating

Max plus I were next door neighbors as children, then the people I was with and I went to the same colleges, played on the same little league teams, plus were essentially joined at the hip for almost a decade! Later the two of us would attend the same college, although after that I were forced to go our separate ways, however max plus I have stayed close over the years, on the phone plus through social media, however the two of us don’t get to see each other really often, but once or twice a year the two of us both supply our wives a cover story so the two of us can have a weekend catching up plus having fun together.

This year the two of us said the two of us were going skiing outside of Denver, CO, although the truth was that the two of us planned on enjoying the locally brewed beer plus locally grown cannabis.

The people I was with and I had no plans to honestly go skiing, although I do hear the slopes near Denver are amazing. My wifey is a beautiful woman, but she is really satisfactory, so I knew how she would respond if I said I was going to Denver just for the cannabis plus the locally brewed beer, then a ski trip to Denver is much more acceptable to her, because I can’t go skiing at home. Max plus I rented a moderate little AirBnB in a single of the downtown districts of Denver, so the two of us would have easy access to bars, liquor stores, concert sites, plus cannabis dispensaries… Everything that the two of us wanted to experience in Denver was within walking distance, so there was no reason not to get completely hammered on local beer plus cannabis.

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