Weed parties are now allowed in Muskegon.

I was looking at some laws in our good village of Muskegon, MI, but my friends plus I heard that were now allowing pot parties, plus the people I was with and I all cheered at the news… How cool it would be to have a pot celebration in the middle of the city? They had certain small areas of a block that were clearly marked by the street names that surrounded the areas, but certain people who had marijuana licenses could rent that space plus throw pot parties, and what had us laughing was that Muskegon had laws about using marijuana in public, plus where children may be, and if I am in the middle of the city, plus smoking or using marijuana at a pot celebration, am I not out in public? Can I be arrested, even if there is something issued to make the pot celebration legal? I couldn’t wrap my head around this concept.

Muskegon was issuing the license for the celebration, however they were going against their laws that clearly state you cannot use marijuana in public… Regardless of how crazy I thought it may be to have pot parties, I liked the system because of the 420 celebration.

How much fun would it be to go to an all day pot celebration, buy your pot while there, plus then take the 2.5 ounces of pot with you for your home? All I can say about her current ordinance is hurray for Muskegon, they have finally done something that makes several of us adult Muskegonites honestly glad, plus glad they have finally passed the law.


Weed Muskegon MI