When I retire, I want to stay in this state

Being a long haul trucker allowed me the chance to see every part of America; I have logged hundreds of thoUSnds of miles over the years, & driving through every state (except HI) I have seen hundreds of towns… Now that I approach my retirement, I need to decide where it is that I want to settle down, then my life has been 1 of constant motion, so if I stay in 1 spot it had better be a damn great spot! Right now I am leaning towards getting a location outside of Portland, Oregon, 1 of the friendliest cities I’ve ever visited.

Of course the location is friendly, because it seems that half the residents of Portland are whacked out on cannabis most of the time! That is not a criticism, if anything it’s a compliment, because I savor cannabis as much as the next guy, & Portland is known around the world for its locally grown strains! For over 40 years Portland has cultivated a reputation for having the best cannabis farms.

Now that weed is legal in Oregon, there are dozens of strange cannabis dispensaries in Portland. I am not saying that I want to transfer to Portland just because of the weed situation! The cannabis law is simply 1 of the several reasons that Portland is an lovely retirement spot for me. The other reasons include: the weather, which is rainy & temperate most of the year, & the abundance of local songs available in Portland! As a fan of the arts, of fishing, & of smoking cannabis, Portland seems savor the perfect location to retire.



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