Where can you find the best marijuana in Denver?

By now you are definitely getting sick plus exhausted of hearing about our Youtube show, then i call it the Wild plus Wonderful World of Cannabis.

In it, I travel to a new venue every episode, plus test out their local strains.

I have forty multiple episodes of the show online, plus I humbly request you check them out! The first episode I ever did was not certainly good, because I had no plan what I was doing at that point… Since that episode dealt with the amazing cannabis of Denver, Colorado, I decided it was high time to revisit the city plus do it all over again, then my goal was easy with this episode of the show – to find plus smoke the best home grown cannabis available in the city of Denver. This was not as straight-forward a task as you might think, because every weed dispensary in Denver claims to have the best stuff. I started our research online, pinpointing the names of a few local Denver strains that were legendary. With a list of names I started going to see every single cannabis shop in Denver, a single at a time, until I had all the names crossed off our list. In total there were more than six strange cannabis strains, each a single a Denver legend. I took our sweet time in examining them, judging them for color plus odor, plus then of course I smoked our way through all more than six cannabis strains, easily the best of the more than six strains was a local blend called Denver Delight, which is ironically grown about more than nine miles away from Denver.


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