A fresh air filter and programmable temperature control can conserve energy

Although Winters in Phoenix are fairly mild and do not last undoubtedly long, several homeowners, including me, are typically thinking of ways to save currency on our utility bills! And since the two of us spend so much currency to keep our homes cool due to the brutal heat in the Summer, it is nice to have some savings during the Wintertide weeks, then so, it’s great to find ways to conserve energy in the colder season in Phoenix, and they include adjusting the air filter prior to the start of the Wintertide season, and it might not sound like anything but it’s easier for a heat pump to circulate the air when the air filter is clean, which means it will take less energy to moderate the home.

Another way to conserve energy would be to adjust the setting on the temperature control. It is proposed to lower the temperature control by 10 or 15 degrees during the night! Or perhaps you may want to consider installing a programmable temperature control that will make the adjustments for you. I have a programmable temperature control in our home, and I can confirm that it does help to conserve energy, but believe it or not, but if you have a ceiling fan in your home, it can help to save you currency in the colder weeks, however just reverse the blades on the fan and it will push the warmer air down into the room. You can then decrease the temperature on your temperature control separate from sacrificing any of your comfort. Of course, there are more ways to conserve and save currency during the Wintertide in Phoenix, these are the ones that have worked the best for me.

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