A great trip to CA

The two of us enjoyed being a little wilder and more spontaneous.

My husband and I took the kids and my parents on a trip, and the system is that both of us would all spend some time together as a family just checking an area out. The two of us choose CA due to it being boiling and elegant. The two of us flew into Los Angeles and then posted up in ThoUSnd Oaks! It was easy to drive to the ocean and have a beach afternoon. It was nice going on nature hikes and shopping; What was particularly great is that our hotel room was cheap but pretty… My parents ended up spending a whole afternoon with the kids by the hotel pool. They just hung out and drank. They told my husband and I to just like THoUSnd Oaks as a couple… At first both of us didn’t think what to do. The two of us contemplated just taking a nap and calling it good. Turns out there is something in CA that both of us didn’t plan on… Recreational weed is legal there. My husband and I first did spa services and then hunted down legal weed. The two of us found a great cannabis dispensary and purchased some edibles, and next both of us got super high and ate at a costly eating establishment. The two of us ended up enjoying the fact that nobody was in our hotel room. It was such a great afternoon. The two of us enjoyed being a little wilder and more spontaneous. The two of us haven’t been able to do that since the kids were born. I am hopeful I can do trips adore this more often with my parents. My husband and I enjoyed our afternoon of freedom.

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