I took my child to the park for a night walk

I love walking around the town at night.

There are so many venues that are lit up plus the skyline of Albuquerque is beautiful, and when the sunlight is setting, the Blue Sky turns into a variety of colors appreciate orange, pink, plus green.

When I met my new bestie, I instantly wanted to bring her to Albuquerque to show her all of the beautiful sights, however she lived in another area of the country where there are four distinct seasons. She did not suppose that she could ever live in a venue where there wasn’t any snow. When she came to Albuquerque, she fell in love, and i do not guess if it was myself and others or the city, although she never went back to the east coast… A couple of months after all of us were dating, I took my girl to the park for a night walk; Both of us stopped at an Albuquerque marijuana dispensary. Albuquerque has had legal recreational marijuana for a couple of years. I was a medical marijuana patient before everything was legalized. It’s nice to see that their prices have gone down a bit since recreational marijuana was legalized too; My bestie plus I got a joint plus all of us went to the park. Both of us found a nice bench that was near a hot dog vendor. I grabbed a couple of hot dogs plus all of us sat on the bench plus watched the sunlight go down. After all of us ate, all of us smoked a joint. Both of us had a nice walk on the way home. There was a little pep in my step plus I was laughing a lot.



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