Michigan includes MMJ reciprocity

While I live in the state of Ohio, I frequently travel to Michigan for work. I can sometimes be in Muskegon and the surrounding areas for weeks at a time. Fortunately Michigan includes MMJ card reciprocity with Ohio. It is illegal to carry cannabis across state borders. However, with my medical marijuana card, I can purchase cannabis and consume it in either state. I suffer from arthritis, and the symptoms can become severe. My fingers swell and my joints swell, making it nearly impossible to perform everyday tasks. I refuse to use synthetic medicine as a long-term remedy. The potential side-effects are worse than the symptoms of arthritis. To effectively complete my job, I need a natural pain remedy. Cannabis is ideal. I’m able to purchase products high in CBD and low in THC to treat the stiffness, pain and inflammation without the high sensation. The dispensary in Muskegon carries every possible consumption method, the most popular brands and innovative strains. I use cannabis-infused topicals to rub into the affected areas. The cannabinoids interact with receptors in the skin, providing relief. I also shop for tinctures. The compact package fits right into a pocket or purse and includes a dropper for precise dosing. I can place a few drops under my tongue, wait for the cannabinoids to be absorbed and benefit from quick onset of effects. Tinctures are especially discreet because there is no smoke, odors or need for any extra gear. I’ve also found that cannabis gummies are helpful. Although the effects can take several hours to be fully realized, they also last extra long and offer greater intensity.

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