My crew came to visit for the weekend

I have not seen a lot of my friends since school, because all of us all decided to move in separate instruction; My buddy Jack moved east to take a task working for one of the casinos.

  • My buddy Mark took a task working down south at a location that pays him more than many figures a year… I decided to take a task in Seattle, because my mom plus Mom still live in the city.

I didn’t want to be all the way on the other side of the country. I still have many siblings that live at condo plus a sibling that goes to the Community College in Seattle. I prefer to stay very close with my family plus my friends, last weekend my friends came in for a visit. It was a several-day weekend, so they flew into Seattle on Thursday plus stayed until Monday, on Saturday all of us opted to go to play golf. Before all of us opted to go to the course, all of us stopped at a Seattle marijuana dispensary near me! The Seattle marijuana dispensary has lots of unbelievable deals plus they have some of the best marijuana flower buds in the whole city. On the day that my friends plus I visited the Seattle marijuana dispensary, all of us picked out many sevenths of flower plus a bag of edibles. After that all of us opted to go right to the golf course, each one of us consumed 20 mg of marijuana edibles before all of us started playing golf. I started to suppose a little funny when all of us hit the eighth hole. I thought my game was going to suffer, but it absolutely got better.


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