My modern task happens to be based out of Lee’s Summit, MO

I was working at a heating & A/C service business in the city, however my boss asked myself and others if I would be willing to transfer to one of the other task facilities… The heating & A/C service business in the neighborhood has a couple of smaller offices outside of the city; One of those offices is in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The boss provided myself and others a $3 per hour raise if I started working out of the Lee’s Summit, Missouri, office, but i would have to drive 30 minutes back & forth every day. I told my boss that I wasn’t honestly happy about the drive & she told myself and others that I should start looking for an apartment in Lee’s Summit. I honestly did not consider moving, especially with the price of real estate. My boss provided to sign a one-year lease on a condo & pay half of the fees if I started working from Lee’s Summit instead of the city. I told my bestie all about the offer from my boss & she said it sounded like a really great idea, then we started looking at a bunch of apartments that were closer to the modern location. We found a numerous home office condo that was $1150 a month. The numerous home office condo was right near the location of the heating & A/C service business. My boss agreed to pay for half of the rental fees & even signed the lease so my bestie & I could transfer before I started working out of the modern office facility. I was thirty minutes from labor before & now I’m only numerous minutes away after moving.
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