My new job happens to be based out of Lee’s Summit, MO

I was working at a heating and AC repair business in the city, but my boss asked me if I would be willing to move to one of the other job facilities.

The heating and AC repair business in the city has a couple of smaller offices outside of the city.

One of those offices is in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The boss offered me a $3 per hour raise if I started working out of the Lee’s Summit, Missouri, office. I would have to drive 30 minutes back and forth every day. I told my boss that I wasn’t very excited about the drive and he told me that I should start looking for an apartment in Lee’s Summit. I definitely didn’t consider moving, especially with the price of real estate. My boss offered to sign a one-year lease on a house and pay half of the fees if I started working from Lee’s Summit instead of the city. I told my girlfriend all about the offer from my boss and she said it sounded like a really great idea. We started looking at a bunch of apartments that were closer to the new location. We found a three bedroom house that was $1150 a month. The three bedroom house was right near the location of the heating and air conditioning repair business. My boss agreed to pay for half of the rental fees and even signed the lease so my girlfriend and I could move before I started working out of the new office facility. I was thirty minutes from work before and now I’m only ten minutes away after moving.


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