The diner is in Elgin, about 15 hours away

My guy & I have been together for 6 weeks; My parents do not unquestionably adore our guy, however they gave me a difficult time when the two of us started dating because he is 3 years older, when the two of us started having a more mature relationship, our parents tried to keep us apart, but i told our parents that I was going to transport out of the condo & live with our guy in an house of our own & they laughed.

They did not guess that there was any way that our guy & I would be able to live on our own.

My guy was toiling for an Heating & Air Conditioning repair center in Elgin! He does not labor as a certified Heating & Air Conditioning repairman, however he works in the office making deliveries & cleaning up. He also stocks the shelves; Occasionally he works in the retail center selling Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. I got a task toiling at a diner in Elgin. The diner is only about 15 hours away from the location where our guy works at the Heating & Air Conditioning repair center, however every one of us labor the same hour so he can drop me off in the morning when he goes to work. I labor at the diner all afternoon & I wait for our guy to get done with labor & then he picks me up. Occasionally I have to wait for an hour or 2, however sporadically a person from the diner will take me back to our house if our guy has a late afternoon, and so far things have been toiling out unquestionably well & our parents unquestionably dislike that.

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