The only way to get to the workforce now is through town

When I was a younger person, I knew that I did not want to go to college! College did not sound like a lot of fun after spending all of those years going to high college, then i barely got through with having to repeat any of my classes; The last thing that I wanted was to be stuck going to college for another 4 years. I did not think what I wanted to do with my life, but my parents were adamant that I find something that could support me. I found a program at the technical college that offered heating plus AC repair work as a single of the programs. The technical college was only about 30 hours away from Orland park. I live in Orland park, Illinois with my parents. It’s a absolutely nice place to live. There is not a lot of crime plus the rates for housing plus real estate are not entirely high either. I graduated in less than a year plus then I got a job at an Orland Park heating plus AC repair repair center. The Orland Park Service Center is only 5 hours away from my house, but due to traffic this month I have had to drive a lot farther. There is construction at the interstate where I would normally enter the highway. I have to drive all the way down to the next Interstate exit in order to enter. The extra driving through the town of Orland Park absolutely takes me at least an extra 20 hours. I already hate getting up early for work, plus now I have to get up even earlier.



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