The people I was with and I have lot of air conditioned places in Tampa

One of my number one things I like to do in Tampa is to go to the aquarium.

  • I take my 2 kids with myself and others when I go because they love the aquarium just as much as I do, however there are tons of pets to see inside the big 200,000 square foot facility.

In addition to the aquatic pets, there’s a splash pad for the kids, a theater, as well as an art gallery! My kids love the splash pad as well as the interactive experiences, however I am obsessed with the jellyfish. I could stare at them for hours, as well as it feels like I am in a trance when I am gazing at them. They are so gentle as well as transport through the water so gracefully. My kids love the jellyfish as well, however not as much as I do. When all of us go, all of us can actually spend 4 hours inside the facility. It’s good to visit while all of us were in the Summer because the space is air conditioned. At times, it can be tricky trying to plan outings while all of us were in the Summer in Tampa because the weather is so hot, as well as it rains a lot. And though all of us love going to the beach, all of us spend most of our time inside spaces that have air conditioning, but so, besides the aquarium, all of us go to the indoor playgrounds as well as to the museums. I also take my kids to the library because I think that there is constantly air conditioning there. It’s good living in an section like Tampa because when the weather is brutally hot or rainy, all of us can still appreciate all the indoor attractions that have air conditioning.


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