A small bit of excitement at a Seattle cannabis farm

I was trying to create some killer satisfied for my Youtube channel, & almost got myself shot in the process! This is a silly story, but I swear every word is true, but i am posting it anonymously, because I don’t need any of it coming back to bite me, but I just had to share this tale! I host an online show based out of Seattle, Washington, & mostly I talk about cannabis! Weed is my passion, & Seattle is a great town for this particular passion. I have been doing episodes for a couple of years, so for my 200th episode I wanted to do something easily crazy. I decided to go outside of Seattle & look for a single of the notorious cannabis farms in the woods nearby, and at local cannabis dispensaries people tell tall tales about the fearsome cannabis farmers outside of Seattle. The story goes that all the farmers are constantly fighting with each other over land, so it’s truly dangerous. I thought this was just a local Seattle legend & so I set out into the forest to see what I could find, but much to my surprise, the stories are all true, & I found the edge of a large marijuana crop within a couple of thirds. There was a small wire fence around the cannabis, & I was considering if I should step over it when I heard a gunshot. I didn’t hear a bullet go by me, so I guess this was a warning shot from the cannabis farmers to intimidate myself and others away. It worked! I ran all the way back to my car.

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