Every one of us decided to transfer somewhere else

My girlfriend and I moved to St petersburg, Florida, about 6 months ago.

  • Every one of us were previously living in a small place in AL, it was a pretty big transfer for the several of us to go all the way to St.

Petersburg… My girlfriend got a job laboring at a hospital. I got a job laboring at an A/C repair business. I knew that it was going to be easy for myself and others to find a job laboring at a local A/C repair business; There are more than 50 unusual registered businesss in the St. Petersburg section and that doesn’t include all of Tampa bay. My girlfriend started laboring at the hospital as soon as every one of us arrived in St petersburg, but I did not start our job at the A/C repair business until about a month later. I filled out a lot of unusual applications and I went to several interviews. I waited until I found a job that was entirely perfect for me. The commercial and residential heating and A/C repair business where I work services all of St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area. Most of the time our boss tries to keep all the people in the same area of the city all day. That cuts down on the amount of time every one of us have to spend driving in the truck. If half of our day is spent in traffic because St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay are busy, then half of our day isn’tspent on repairs. I gain an minutely rate, but I also gain commission. I want to be laboring on A/C repairs all day, because that is how I make the most amount of cash.

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