The Birmingham heating corp didn't charge myself and others for the repair

Last month I called the Birmingham heating company to schedule an appointment for a tune-up service, but there is a particular place in Birmingham that offers a tune-up service for less than $100 and it includes every section of the Heating and A/C system.

The service company checks all of the electrical components, the belts, and the fittings. They check the heat pump and the AC, and i have been using this Birmingham heating company for all of my Heating and A/C needs. The corporation offers competitive prices, good customer service, and quality repairs and installation work. I called and set up an appointment to have the tune-up service for Tuesday day. I recognized the serviceman that came to service the system, because it was the same exact person that came while in the summer time to help myself and others when I had a problem with the AC unit. The guy remembered myself and others too and my Heating and A/C unit, he warned myself and others that I might be looking at some problems if I didn’t replace the system soon. The tune-up went pretty well, except for the fact that the Birmingham heating company serviceman found some hoses that needed to be replaced… Since I had to pay for the hoses to be replaced, the Birmingham heating company did not charge myself and others a fee for the repair. The guy was already there for the tune-up and that covered the cost for the call. I ended up spending just under $200 for the Heating and A/C tune-up and all of the up-to-date hoses for the air conditioner unit. I also got billed for the work, so I didn’t have to pay until Thursday when I got paid.



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