The city of South Bend is updating the HVAC equipment

I own a small but thriving commercial and residential HVAC business in South bend, indiana.

I have a couple of commercial clients that give me tips from time to time on jobs that are coming up in the government office.

That gives me an opportunity to bid on those jobs. There are only a couple of small businesses that are given the opportunity to bid on the government jobs, because there are so many other commercial and residential HVAC businesses in the area. I found out that the city of South Bend was going to update the HVAC equipment and every single one of the elementary schools. I knew that was going to be a huge job and would probably take most of the summer. The job doesn’t start until June after all of the kids are already out of school. I visited each one of the elementary schools so I could see exactly what the job would entail and it took me 3 days to put together a proposal and estimate. It had been a long time since I had worked so diligently on a project and it paid off. The city of South Bend awarded me the contract for the commercial heating and AC job. I have to put together a crew in the next two months and I have to figure out how I am going to pay all of these guys for their labor and wages when I won’t get paid for the job until it is over. Thankfully, I also have some contacts over at the bank.


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