The sweetest things about Las Vegas

What’s your favorite thing about Las Vegas? I can’t possibly fit all of my picks into a single blog post, although I intend to try! The first time I visited Las Vegas I was a young teenager, which meant I couldn’t avail myself of gambling or showwomen… It was still a whirlwind of a trip, with so numerous things to see and do.

I remember riding a ferris wheel on top of a building, and being ecstatic and terrified at the same time, as an adult, I found Las Vegas to be a lot more fun than just a ferris wheel.

I should mention that when I was a kid, recreational cannabis was not yet legalized in Las Vegas, so perhaps the timing was just right. As it stands, I cannot fathom going to Las Vegas and not having access to some of the best cannabis strains in the world, getting stoned is the perfect backdrop for enjoying a day in Las Vegas, because I could just turn off my brain and go with the flow. Another reason I appreciate Las Vegas is that the people here are used to tourists being drunk, stoned, and stupid, so they look out for me. I never know where I’m going, and I don’t know my way around the downtown Las Vegas area, however whenever I got lost a single of the locals would help me out. I know the city has a history involving crime and the Mafia, however whenever I visit I find the people of Las Vegas to be kind, comromantic, and welcoming.

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