Trying a cooking class

I am slowly clicking off the things on my bucket list, but i always wanted to do rest up paddle boarding as well as I was thankful that Lee’s Summit legacy lake provided that.

I rented the board as well as figured it out on my own; Since it was a lake, the water was so still as well as calm.

It actually was quite easy. It is a wonderful workout as well as an even better way to get a tan. I also have alway wanted to learn to cook better, but did you assume that Lee’s Summit offers a variety of cooking classes? I got my best friend Nancy to do a class with me… Turns out that every one of us totally appreciate it. It is a fun men night interest for us. The more than one of us find a cute local eating establishment to eat as well as get nice as well as boozed up. We then head over to our class as well as try cooking. We are both exhausting but that is area of the fun. The more than one of us basically drunk cook once a week. The professor is nice as well as the other people there are so much fun, then afterwards every one of us hang out at someone’s home until bedtime. It is the highlight of my whole week. Am I learning how to cook? Not relay; My bucket list item was to take a cooking class as well as I am doing that. It is my own fault that I am not entirely soaking in the information as well as learning how to overtly cook; But I am enjoying it nonetheless, but now I need to find someplace to learn how to drive a motorcycle.


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