Why is the theater's air conditioning so chilly?

There is a movie theater in Royal Palm Beach, where I reside.

The Regal Royal Palm Beach is a respectably sized movie theater that I adore because it is never overly crowded.

My husband and I enjoy visiting to see all the new releases there. In particular, we can completely immerse ourselves in the experience of an action movie. I naturally receive a large soda along with all the tasty treats like popcorn, candy, and nachos. My husband and I will watch the movie while gorging on all of our treats. Because the theater is always cold, I usually bring a sweater or jacket when I go to the movies. It seems like the air conditioning is always set to the lowest setting. There must be a reason why the theater is consistently so cold, even though I’m not sure what the thermostat’s setting is. I completely forgot my sweater at home the last time we went to Regal. I naturally froze throughout the entire movie. It was worse because the theater was empty. I experienced the sensation of being inside an ice box. Needless to say, I complained constantly about the air conditioning, and when my husband asked a staff member about it, they said there was nothing they could do. It appears that air conditioning is required by law for movie theaters, which makes sense given that such a large number of people cannot be accommodated for two to three hours in an area without adequate ventilation. But to make it more comfortable, I wish the air conditioning could be adjusted. I will never again forget to bring my sweater home, either way.



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