Adding ceiling fans to improve comfort

The weather conditions in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, are a year-round concern.

Hot, humid summers and long, freezing cold winters make it difficult to keep a comfortable home.

We run either the air conditioner or the furnace without much of a break in-between. The cost of temperature control adds up to approximately half of the household energy use. I’ve taken all sorts of precautions to prevent energy waste. I’ve upgraded the windows and the thermostat, increased the amount of insulation, caulked and weatherstripped. This past winter, when I climbed on a ladder to replace a lightbulb in an overhead fixture, I noticed that the temperature near the ceiling was much higher than near the floor. I realized that the heat from the supply vents was rising straight up and only dropping back down once it cooled. This was forcing higher thermostat settings, wasting energy and causing higher utility bills. I did some research on options for improvement and came across ceiling fans. They are available in all different sizes and price ranges and include modern features such as LED lights, timers, sleek blades and remote control operation. Running a fan helps to distribute warm air throughout the room in the winter. I run the fan clockwise on a low speed to create a gentle updraft and move the heat that tends to accumulate near the ceiling. In the summer months, the ceiling fans help out the air conditioner. Operating the fan can lower room temperature by up to eight degrees. The savings on energy bills has quickly recovered the investment into ceiling fans for all of the main rooms of the house. Plus, the fans are attractive, quiet and improve comfort.


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