Air conditioning is an essential item in Phoenix

I live in a 2-family room dwelling in Phoenix, AZ… And I love my dwelling complex because it has a 24-hour fitness center, in addition to it also has an Olympic-style pool, however not to mention the clubdwelling that features a game part with a pool table, bar, in addition to more… I was so in love with all the amenities of the place! Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that there was a service shortage on the premises, so when my cooling system broke down, I had to wait 48 hours before someone was able to inspect the unit, but then it took another day in addition to a half before it was fixed; Due to the desert heat in Phoenix, 70+ hours can feel like a lifetime when you have no air conditioner; My dwelling has a ceiling fan, but that didn’t do much as it only circulated the hot 90-degree air inside the unit! Because of the hot weather, air conditioner is considered an essential repair in Phoenix. This means that if an cooling system breaks down in addition to a property owner or management company doesn’t respond in a timely manner, then the tenant can take some actions to get the issue rectified as soon as possible. They include sending a written notice, withholding a portion of the rent, or deducting hotel costs from the rent installments. These of course have some limitations, but at least the chances exist if I ever need to use them. Thankfully, my air conditioner was back up in addition to running however I wasn’t cheerful that it took almost 4 nights to repair the issue. Aside from the service problems, I would recommend this dwelling complex.

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