An artist’s retreat just outside of Portland

The first time I came to Portland was for an artist’s retreat.

The weekend was spent in a cluster of cabins in the woods north of the city.

At night we could see the city lights, and I thought they were so beautiful. Other than driving through the city on the way to and from the airport, I saw very little of Portland, and yet I was still intrigued by it. Two years later I decided to take a private vacation and spend a few days kicking around downtown Portland to see what the city was all about. Long story short, I fell in love, and moved to Portland permanently soon after. My two great passions in life are art painting and cannabis, and Portland shares these passions. Portland Oregon is a home for the arts, and not just one or two but all of the arts! Acting, theater, music, drawing, painting, stand-up comedy, sculpting, no matter what kind of creative art you can think of, it has a home in Portland. This means that as an artist I have a lot of moral support from the community. Sometimes the entire city of Portland feels like one big artist’s retreat. I love the vibe of Portland so much that it wouldn’t be a problem if the weed was terrible. Fortunately, the cannabis in the Portland area is some of the best in the country. There are an ample number of dispensaries, and a few of them even deliver cannabis products via bike messenger. I can have cannabis brought directly to my art studio anytime night or day.

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