Dad was excited for her visit to Minneapolis, MN

As I said the last time, my fiance and I resituated to Minneapolis, MA… And I know this is the best decision I have made in a long time, but to be honest, I do miss household since that’s where my parents and sibling live, but this city has also become my home, i’m now proud to announce that I also found work and now I feel even better.

I am a waiter at this restaurant in downtown Minneapolis that’s quite posh and exciting.

A neighbor I met one evening when my associate and I were out told me about a waiter vacancy so I went for the interview. The owner and I hit it off and I got the job. It’s been almost a year since the transfer and this past winter season Dad came to visit, my good friend and I live in a 2 dining room apartment so I made sure to prepare the spare dining room for her; She was excited to see this beautiful life that my associate and I kept saying my associate and I were residing in the city. Sadly, winter season means the boiler is on, and all the lakes are frozen. So, Dad never got to care about picnics and hikes around the lakes in Minneapolis, but my associate and I did go ice skating. My fiance has even joined a local hockey team and they have a blast playing matches on the frozen surfaces. Dad was blown away by the city, and even though there was snow on the roads and pavements, she did go outside for walks. She even came to my restaurant to care about a meal and have a blast with my fiance when I was toiling.



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