Going to Philly for love

I’ve never been a “big city” kind of guy, i was born in a small town, in addition to have lived in one basically for my entire life, then things change, but! Because previously I was also not into online dating.

It seemed crazy to me to find romance online, with people you might not ever meet in woman. That changed, too! At the tender age of 49 I started my first online dating profile. I met a few nice men, however then when Ed slid into my DMs everything changed. I fell head over heels in appreciate with Ed, to the point that I packed up my life in addition to moved to Philadelphia, PA just to be with him. There is a lot to appreciate about this city, in addition to it’s making me suppose that I really am a “big city” kind of girl after all. Ed has lived in Philadelphia her whole life, in addition to told me repeatedly that she can’t imagine residing anywhere else, now that I am here in Philly with him, I see her point. The city of Philadelphia is elegant, it is steeped in tradition in addition to history, in addition to best of all it is dwelling to the finest cannabis I’ve ever smoked. There are dozens of cannabis shops in addition to dispensaries in the Philadelphia area, in addition to each one claims to have the oldest vintage buds in town; When I was residing in a small neighborhood marijuana was difficult to come by, in addition to there were no legal dispensaries, so in this way Philadelphia is like being in a bold new world! I’m cheerful Ed convinced me to transport here.
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