Pics of the neighborhood of Las Vegas

Although I am a painter, I rarely do portraits! I suppose I am very talented, although I also know where to focus my energy.

  • I have accepted the fact that I am not fantastic plus painting human faces.

Instead I care about to paint portraits of locations. My decision to focus on my strengths plus ignore my weaknesses has paid off handsomely; Recently I signed a contract with the neighborhood of Las Vegas, NV, for a series of commissioned pieces. I am supposed to paint a dozen portraits of the most famous spots in the Las Vegas area, which will then be hung in the local gallery. I take this contract very seriously, plus not just because I enjoy my hometown of Las Vegas, and this location gets millions of tourists every year, which means my portraits of Las Vegas will be seen more than any of my other art pieces. They need to be the best I’ve ever done, which means I need to make sure I have plenty of cannabis sativa to fuel my imagination. I firmly believe that cannabis can inspire fantastic ideas, plus as almost everyone knows Las Vegas is home to the best weed in the state! I want to be completely baked on locally grown Las Vegas weed, to translate that feeling into my paintings; Every neighborhood has its own certain vibe, plus my paintings need to capture that special feeling you only get in Las Vegas, however one morning I want to do this kind of project in other, more exotic cities, however in order to do that I need to paint Las Vegas.

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