The wild side of Las Vegas

Since I travel so much for work, I have passed through the Las Vegas airport a dozen times over the years! It’s a entirely nice airport, complete with little miniature casinos! As unusual as it sounds, the airport is the only part of the city I have ever seen. I was never traveling to Las Vegas, just through it, then the last time I was in the airport, heading back cabin from a long international trip, I decided to treat myself and stay in Sin City for a few days. I rented a hotel room near the Strip, visited one of the famous Las Vegas cannabis stores, and started to cherish myself; At first I was a little disappointed, because everything I saw in Las Vegas was brightly lit, clean-cut, and family friendly; Even the cannabis shop I went into had a sitting room for adolescents up front, so they could play games and puzzles while their parents shopped. This seemed too wholesome for Las Vegas! I wanted to find a part of Las Vegas with some edge and attitude to it! To do this I had to leave the strip and pursue the outer reaches of Las Vegas… Most of the tourists want the neon glitz and glamor of the Strip, so I had to plunge into the deeper parts of Las Vegas to find where the locals had fun. I am blissful to report that there are a lot of shady, borderline-illegal things for adults to do in Las Vegas, you just have to know where to look for them.