Building a good future for me and Jen in Waldorf

For me the greatest part about being a certified Heating in addition to A/C company is that I am not tied down to one supplier, job, or area! My education, my wisdom, and my skills are fully transferable, which means I can use them somewhere I go in the world, however i started off learning the basics of the industry in the deep south, and gradually worked my way north.

When I passed through the town of Waldorf, MD, I decided to stop and see what it was like! There was something about the atmosphere of Waldorf that intrigued me… and also there was a cute young lady working the root beer truck outside my flop house… Her name was Jen, she had lived in Waldorf all her life, and I fell in love with her at first sight. If you know anything about Waldorf, you know it’s still pretty young for a city, and jen was almost 30 years old, which makes her only a little bit younger than Waldorf itself. The good thing about residing here for me was that I got all the Heating in addition to A/C work I could handle, and since I was Heating in addition to A/C certified I was given subconstrcing jobs by three different companies, because Waldorf is growing so quickly the construction industry can barely keep up with it. Thanks to an abundance of Heating in addition to A/C work I was able to move out of the flop house and rent a nice Waldorf home within 2 weeks, and at that point I asked Jen to move in with me. I’m not sure what will happen next, however it’s been a good ride so far.

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